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Steampunk Treasure Boxes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was recently accepted into Galleria Carnaval (https://www.galleriacarnaval.com) in El Morro New Mexico and decided to continue some little sculptures I call Steampunk Treasure Boxes. I made a few of these back in 2011 and had a great time fabricating them. It seemed like a good fit with Galleria Carnaval as the boxes are whimsical and textured with vintage electrical parts. I start with a piece of wood, some are pretty wild in shape, and hand carve out an interior chamber.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then I weld up a sort of hinge out of a large nut and bolt (aged, rusted, etc.), I complete it with copper wires, coils, ceramic insulators and other components from the 1930-1960’s with occasional parts from more recent eras if they have the right look. Something about the scale of the box and its relation to the other parts, their textures and forms, excites my romance about older technology.