Monster Slayer Radio

The Director of a local film that will be called Monster Slayer called the other day and hired me to build a prop for his film. The prop needed to be a portable radio that looked home-made/modified. Here’s the photo of it after return from the first location shoot.


It was a fun challenge to work on this. I started with a vintage rf generator I had in my supplies. The prop need to be opened up for a shot showing its innards being worked on and it needed an antenna and lots of knobs. I added the ceramic insulators, antenna, switch, and working indicator light on top and speaker grill on the front. It had to fit into a backpack so it couldn’t be to large or unwieldy. To give it an extra “homemade” look I suggested the battery be strapped to the exterior. On the other side is a hand crank like old military field radios used to have. The film is in first stages of production and you can find out more about it and support the project at

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