Specimen case finished

Specimen Case finished

I finished the specimen case. In the two photos you can see the left and right sides and front with the lighting activated. The main addition was the little grouping of wires and components on the right front corner. When I looked at it more recently the details on the left of the glass vacuum chamber and other coils seemed to heavy. I played with some old capacitors and coils around the right lower corner but they were too big and demanding visually. I found the green resistor that seemed to balance my attention more, but not quite enough. Scouting around the pile of scrap electronics on the bench revealed the small gold colored lump shaped capacitor. That had the right scale and color to add with the green resistor. Together with the extra wires and a custom bracket to hold the resistor made a neat little nest that balances the left side components.  Sometimes balance can be gotten from unexpected combinations of color, form and intricacy-not necessarily matching volumes. This specimen case unit will get mounted somewhere on Station 2… I think.

Specimen Case right side

Specimen Case right sideSpecimen Case left sideSpecimen Case left side

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