Specimen case

Among the clutter of my electronics bench today I have this specimen box taking shape. Specimens, especially ones that look organic, alive, pulsating, wet, get under my skin and grab my need to explore them at the same time. I must still have the little kid in me who needs to poke at worms and dig up gooey stuff from under the sopping ground. My girlfriend Erika showed me how to make play putty out of Borax, glue and food coloring. The resulting blob dried over weeks to be the blue specimen in the box at the bottom. I thought the box needed some layers of ramshackle circuitry over the top, and some vintage components on the side to give it a more invented look. A thank you goes out to Richard at Leeds Radio in Brooklyn who still sells old radio era parts. Those lovely, cast metal feet are from a little shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I think this object is nearly finished. It has a light just under the lower circuit board to illuminate the specimen that I will show in a later post.


More about KARF Installations:https://karflab.wixsite.com/mysite

2 thoughts on “Specimen case

  1. stevestorz0 Post author

    Hey, thanks Tosca. Maybe we ought to collaborate again on something. Perhaps I could make a ramshackle specimen case for one of your nano pods, Eh?


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