The KARF (Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility) installation


Background on the KARF Installation.

KARF (Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility) is an immersive sculpture installation I began in 2010. Phase I was completed in 2011 and exhibited at ART123 in Gallup New Mexico. Phase I included a shed measuring approximately 8 x 8 x 8 feet, resembling an old distressed shack where some type of secret research was enacted. Viewers were invited to step into a narrow hallway at the rear and peer through smudged windows to see the interior. Inside was a research workstation made of an old school desk with metal frames welded onto it and encrusted with a wide assortment of electronic gear from multiple eras. Most of the equipment and associated labels, binders, charts and other ephemera laying about the interior was modified to be unfamiliar in context. No explanation was given for what the shed, its contents or the purpose for the installation. The first exhibit featured two performers. The artist, Steve Storz, dressed in somewhat academic shirt, trousers, and tweed jacket, sitting inside the shed at the research station. He appeared to be working the instrumentation, reading and marking in the charts and binders. He made no acknowledgement of the viewers who were looking over his shoulder at him through the windows. The other performer; a woman, dressed in dowdy woolen grey skirt, white blouse, hair done in a severe bun and peering through heavy black rimmed glasses greeted visitors and directed them to enter the viewing hallway as she consulted a clipboard with papers attached to it. Along the walls on either side of the gallery were placed drawings by the artist that were interpretations of the work going on in the research facility. Each drawing was displayed by metal clamps on weathered wooden boards and lit by individual homemade light fixtures resembling the lighting strung on wires in temporary military camps.

Phase II of the KARF installation was hosted by the UNM Klauer Campus in Taos New Mexico as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2012. A second research station was added inside the Shed that was placed in a vacant lot next to the campus amongst sage bushes and chamisa plants. The Shed was embellished with a complicated dish antenna like object on its roof that rotated slowly. Near the shed a folding barricade sign with blinking amber lights on yellow and black caution stripes read Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility. The same drawings from Phase I were displayed inside the nearby campus gallery of the art department.

Phase III was begun the winter on 2012 and is currently in progress. More about KARF installations:

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