Station 2 frames

I am progressing on the initial construction of Station 2 for the Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility. The feeling I want this station to get across is about my curiosity of chemistry labs, apothecary shops, research about fluids, all in a somewhat Victorian mystery mode. I identify with those who admire Steampunk culture, have nostalgia for the old corner apothecary, those who wonder what goes on in those secret labs up in Los Alamos…Station 2 might work as the bridge to those ideas and wonders. I have most of the metal frames welded onto the old school desk. The frames have lots of mounting holes drilled in them so I can mount boxes, other frames, equipment, and brackets to them. The steel arch crane I just installed swivels nicely on its steel peg. I’m pleased with the odd curve and the triangular bracing that gives it a Victorian iron-work appearance. Somehow I don’t yet know the object that will be at the end of it. I have drawn sketches of extension devices like periscopes, encrusted with small optical contraptions that could descend from the end of it. I have made sketches of baskets that hang from it holding small boxes and objects that could be used in analysis.


More about KARF installations;

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