Welcome to my artist blog. As I work in my studio I randomly make notes and journal entries about the work I’m doing. I’ll share some of these here along with some documentary photos. I’ll try to categorize each separate body of work into a separate thread. Some of the entries may reference archived journal entries from the past and I’ll try to distinguish them from current entries. I will welcome comments and questions of a thoughtful nature. I also encourage you to see my finished work at

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. jutta

    makes me think about the old watchmakers- sitting 40 years with a magnifying glass in an eye socket- deciphering the secrets of big small miniature watches- intricate models, small wheels, interconnected, such sensitivity to balance…..and those old watch makers were able to decipher the dreams and concepts of the original makers. there is a sequestered part in heaven for steve storz and company- with the watch dreamers and time keepers of all centuries

  2. stevestorz0 Post author

    Thanks Jutta,
    I sometimes think, as I’m huddled over my work, Leonardo, Jean Tinguely and others are there with me. We are honing our gears, meshing them with those dreams…I smile too with the memory of my blacksmith teacher Frank Turley who was ribbing me about my “clockwork” approach to sculpting in forged steel. Tink, tink, tink instead of Blang, Blang, Blang!


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